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New to Canada
and buying a home?

Buying a home when you are new to Canada or in a new country can be a challenge of its own. Be it a lack of established credit history, not enough down payment, or simply establishing work history are issues that affect all New Canadians. These challenges require expert advice and understanding of which mortgage products are available in the market and specifically designed to help new Canadians establish solid roots in Canada, and transition from renters to owners. Did you know that you can qualify for a mortgage with as little as 3 months’ work history and demonstrated credit worthiness? In some cases you can benefit from your established credit in your originating country or if your down payment is large enough, qualify for a mortgage while still establishing your credit and work history in Canada.


Our Agents are up to date on the latest products and understand the challenges you face in purchasing your first home. Let us help you navigate through the Canadian mortgage process and develop your understanding for years to come.