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Tejinder Dhillon

Tejinder Dhillon

As our senior mortgage expert, Tejinder has been serving the Ottawa community for over 10 years in the mortgage industry, catering his expertise to both commercial and residential mortgage clients. Tejinder’s storied career started in the Canadian Aerospace industry where he worked as an Engineer for over 20 years. His contributions can still be seen in the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. His passion for business also led him to manage several business ventures in the Ottawa area as well as work on many community initiatives. His diverse experiences have proven invaluable to his clients. His skill at balancing client needs with lender requirements have allowed him to help countless individuals with what would otherwise have been very difficult and complex mortgage transactions. If you are looking for expert knowledge then Tejinder is the one to talk to…call him today to discuss your financing needs!

BDM / Mortgage Agent Lic. M08001331
Phone: 613-291-5491


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